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When your pet goes missing their only ticket home is the Pet Tag they wear on their collar. Pet ID tags make it possible for people unfamiliar with a lost or injured animal to return or notify the owners or its whereabouts. Unfortunately, many people either forget or refuse to see this as a priority to properly tag their pet with the proper identification.

Figures show that people love having pets. Over 12 million Australians are associated with pets and Approx 64% of the 7.5 million households in Australia own pets.

It is estimated that there are approximately 65 million dogs and over 77.6 million cats are owned in the United States. Thirty-nine percent of U.S. households (or 40.6 million) own at least one dog and thirty-four percent of U.S. households (or 35.4 million) own at least one cat.

Whether they live indoors or outdoors, used to guard the family home or business or are seen by their owners as one of the family, pets play a huge part of their owners everyday lives and bring us great joy and happiness and comfort on so many levels.

A pet that has gone missing however, can be a very upsetting and trying experience for the owners and their families and can be a very dangerous situation for the pet. This whole feeling of helplessness and heartache can be made to feel a little less worrisome if your lost pet has proper identification.

Naturally curious animals, pets that like to dig and pets that escape through mistakes made by their owners, like leaving a gate open can often see domestic pets wandering outside those familiar family surroundings. Natural disasters like floods or fires or sever lightening and thunder storms can often separate owners from their pets also. Indoor cats and dogs, who have rarely been outdoors, can find themselves in unfamiliar and frightening surroundings immediately after running from the house. These pets are immediately in danger from other animals, vehicles and the storm elements themselves. Pets wearing identification such as pet tags and having registered microchips are more likely to be returned safely to their homes and owners once they are found.

Our pet tags speak for them when they need it most. Here at The Pet Tag King we are dedicated to ensuring lost pets get home safely.

Our products not only look great in a variety of awesome designs and colours but they are also of the highest quality. These pet tags are strong and extremely durable you can be rest assured that your pet will look great and have its identity for years to come.

If you’re after computer engraved pet ID tags or you'd prefer a hand engraved pet tag, come and check out our extensive range of shapes, sizes and colours. Tags to suit all pets and personalities.

Add even more style to your tag and let your pet really shine and choose from over 50 different font styles and 120 picture inserts to have engraved.

We have been producing ID tags for over 5 years now and have thousands of satisfied customers all around the world. With over 17 years experience in engraving, our eye for quality and detail will ensure you receive only the best possible products.

By utilizing the latest in computer engraving technology we are able to offer you
the world's largest selection of tag options, just check out our designs
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Many other suppliers make outrageous claims and offers. Here at The Pet Tag King we have spent many years ensuring we have the resources, materials and equipment to produce a product we can be proud of. 


Pet Tags Insure your pets safety and wellbeing!

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